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Make data center and infrastructure documentation that little bit easier.

Use Visio for IT Infrastructure?
You will want our free Visio Utilities!

Our utilities are free to use and make a great addition to your Visio ribbon. Over the years we developed this utility to improve and speed up our own Visio diagrams for projects, now we want to share those same time-saving methods with you.

  • Reduce workload and save 90% of wasted time creating, laying out and maintaining Visio diagrams.
  • Automate many aspects of diagramming for project and operational needs.
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  • Network Diagram
  • Computer room shape data


  • Date Center Layout – Automatic re-sizing of cabinet shapes on accurate scale drawings of floor plans using width/depth attributes.
  • Data Center Floor Tiles – Create grids of shapes (e.g. floor tiles) quickly and easily label selected shapes with numbers or letters.
  • Diagram Linker – Easily creating “drill down” diagrams linking shapes on a master diagram to diagrams holding details.
  • Diagram Publisher – Saving pages in web format automatically with multiple data graphics applied for publishing to dashboards and intranet portals.
  • Diagram Organizer – Organizing and filtering complex network, application and service impact topology diagrams.
  • Network Organizer – Automatically laying out network diagrams and spacing connectors so that you can see ports used.
  • Matrix Layout – Layout shapes such as ODF cassettes with accurate consistent spacing.
  • Network Connector – This is an intelligent Visio master shape (stencil) for use in network diagrams, and shows port labels on connections.

Free Online Sessions

Okay you have downloaded the utilities but how do you apply them?

Find out how to use each module in our free 30 minute WebEx sessions, hosted by our Visio experts every month.

If you have a certain requirement you have been tasked with such as a network diagram please let us know as we can prepare materials in advance, to provide you some ideas and case study knowledge.

We use Visio for all of our projects so we have plenty of experience to share with you!

All you have to do is register via the contact form and we will send you a meeting invitation.

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How to download

To download the add-in you must register using the “contact us” section on the site. Our team will then e-mail you with a download link. Please note: the utility requires any of the following versions, Visio 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 (Professional or Premium versions required for shape data and data graphics support).

You will then receive a download link in an e-mail.

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