AssetGen Connect is designed to manage the physical aspects of IT infrastructure and can support data centres, networks, cabling, office buildings, etc. It combines hardware inventory with positioning and connectivity so the location of any hardware component can be easily found, as well as dependencies and single points of failure.

AssetGen Connect automates the production and maintenance of Visio diagrams of floor plans, racks, networks and architecture views. It complements other information sources such as monitoring tools and workflow systems and trusted sources such as recovery documents, maintenance spreadsheets, etc.

  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technology, AssetGen Connect enables the infrastructure to be documented in a structured way and linked to existing databases, graphics and documents.
  • It is available in desktop and server versions to suit all sizes of organisations and requirements.
  • Maintaining documentation of complex infrastructure is less time consuming and easier with AssetGen Connect.
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Key Benefits

  • Reduces the cost and risk of planning and implementing infrastructure changes
  • Reduces spreadsheet chaos and improves confidence in data accuracy
  • Automates the production and maintenance of Visio diagrams – floor plans, racks, networks, systems
  • Find any device, component, connection and connectivity quickly
  • Produce capacity reports covering space, connectivity, power to suit short and long term planning
  • Synchronise data with service desks, discovery tools, DR lists and other systems
  • Change analysis can be extended to business impacts using AssetGen SysMap
  • Planning functions find available racks and resources for you

Equipment Viewer

Connection Maintenance

Power Trace

Port Trace

Visio Cabinet Diagram

Cabinet Space Report

Buying AssetGen Connect

AssetGen Connect has licensing options to suit single and multi-site environments. We’ll be glad to help you choose the best version to suit your needs.

AssetGen Connect product datasheet (PDF – 1.1mb)

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