In our next free webinar, David Cuthbertson will be covering “How integrated IT documentation reduces costs and improve control”. Lack of accurate, up to date infrastructure documentation causes extra work and additional costs for any project, operations and risk management team. This webinar focuses on cost and control benefits, showing how process improvements need effective ways of maintaining IT systems documentation. The webinar explains how efficient management of data is used to meet the many IT information needs..

Have you experienced or seen the following happen?

  • Manually tracing data cables with live data going through because the patching documents aren’t trusted
  • Scheduling time and travelling for site surveys to confirm existing data is accurate before planning any changes.
  • Repeatedly sitting on long conference calls trying to guess change risks with peers.
  • Extended project delivery times due to engineering time being used ineffectively.
  • Lack of confidence in decommissioning equipment because of gaps in documentation and understanding.
  • Creating new spreadsheets and diagrams rather than update ones that haven’t been maintained.
  • Repeated audits to gather capacity data for major transition projects and management oversight.
  • Paying for circuits and equipment that hasn’t been used for years

If you have encountered any of these points then you won’t want to miss this webinar!

The webinar is scheduled for November 19th at 13:00 UK time | 08:00 EDT.

Registration for the webinar is free and you can register on the following link: