Management and control of any distributed IT infrastructure is increasing in difficulty with the variety of options available for hosting computing resources. 

The benefits of on-premise, co-location, cloud and managed services continue to evolve, though they still all have to deliver reliable and secure computing services. Governance and control requirements continue to increase with the processes and systems that IT teams use coming under increasing scrutiny. 

C level executives don’t want to keep hearing that their organizations (or outsource partners) struggle to know how many servers they have, what they do and the risks they currently live with in the new reality of data breaches, insider attacks and increasing systems complexity.

Join our commercial director David Cuthbertson for this free webinar as part of BrightTalk’s data center transformation summit 3.0 series.  If you have any questions or thoughts you would like to ask David prior to the webinar, please contact us and we will make sure they are answered during the stream.


You can register here , the stream will go live at 8PM UK time on the 23rd January.

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