Managing the complexity and inter-dependencies of IT systems is vital for day to day management, as well as reducing the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks. All best practice management frameworks such as ITIL, 27001, CoBit, NIST, etc. emphasize the importance of understanding and managing IT systems complexity – but actually doing it in practice is not simple. If you’d like to know why IT systems continue to “fail” without faults or cyber-attacks, then you’ll find this talk very illuminating. The host and speaker for this webinar is our CEO David Cuthbertson, whom you may have seen on our previous webinars and product videos.


You can register here, the stream will go live at 2PM UK time on the 25th July,

Once this webinar has finished it will be available on-demand and available in our resources section of the site. You will find this and many other webinars here