AssetGen’s David Cuthbertson will be covering the challenge of managing connectivity, with increasing adoption of high density modular cabling systems.

The flexibility of modular copper and fibre systems is great to avoid over engineering of connectivity, but often a nightmare to manage as it often challenges the accepted structured wiring approach of distribution and core zoning. Existing labelling, spreadsheets and home grown databases become difficult to maintain when a fibre module is moved from one rack to another, or re-purposed and missed during verification audits.

Trying to understand connectivity and available capacity afterwards isn’t easy as the density of wires makes it difficult to trace and understand without potential disruption.

The webinar is scheduled for June 1st at 13:00 UK time 08:00 EDT.


Registration for the webinar is free, with the live audience able to ask questions. This webinar will be available On-Demand.

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This webinar is based on the presentations being delivered at the BICSI New Zealand (24th May 2017) and BICSI UK (14th June) conferences. It has also been submitted for the BICSI Fall conference in Las Vegas for 26th/27th Sept 2017. If you’re able to attend any of these BICSI conferences David will be glad to discuss any specifics raised by the webinar.