AssetGen Connect – The Quick Tour [9.0 mins]

A guided tour of the AssetGen Connect system, ideal for documenting data centres and complex IT infrastructure. Download the evaluation version from and see for yourself how it reduces the effort maintaining a baseline of your most critical IT asset - the infrastructure.

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Documenting and Managing Cabling Infrastructure [10.0 mins]

Remove the pain of maintaining multiple, uncoordinated spreadsheets and Visio diagrams with AssetGen. Multi-user, multi-site and capable of documenting the different types of connectivity found in technical infrastructure (LAN / WAN / SAN / Voice / Power / KVM / Video).

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Creating a Viso Rack Diagram [6.0 mins]

Demonstration of how Visio rack diagrams can be created automatically by AssetGen. Fast, easy and key to reducing workload on IT planning, build and operations teams.

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Visio Network Diagram Automation [5.5 mins]

How to create, update and maintain multiple Visio infrastructure network diagrams of LAN, WAN, SAN, Power, Voice, etc. AssetGen V4 adds the new Visio automation capability for infrastructure documentation portals

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Automating Visio Data Centre Floor Plans [5.0 mins]

Let AssetGen create and maintain floor plans of your data centers. Use the data graphics feature of Visio to show power loading, space, ownership and functions of computer room racks. All the hard work of calculating capacity data and embedding into Visio shapes is done for you

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Data centre planning with AssetGen [6.0mins]

Identifying computer racks with space, power, connectivity for installing equipment is made fast and easy with AssetGen.The time taken for site surveys, planning meetings and checking capacity reports can be reduced to seconds.

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Data Centre Change Impact Analysis [6.0 mins]

A short video on how to understand the impact of planned or reactive changes in data centres. AssetGen uses a combination of location, inventory and connectivity to enable impact analysis of power disruption, rebooting of network switches and moving equipment.

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Importing Data Into AssetGen Connect [7.5 mins]

How to quickly implement AssetGen by importing existing infrastructure data and keeping it refreshed by other data sources

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