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Free Webinar, Network Diagramming Multi-Site Infrastructure, Oct 21st 2021

Diagrams help understand network topologies, but it isn’t easy to represent complex infrastructure when there are so many network types and information needs. The convergence of IoT, security, signage and BMS with ICT results in many parallel “networks” on a mix of physical and virtual infrastructure. This webinar will focus on reducing effort and improving [...]

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Free webinar, Visio Diagramming On A Large Scale, June 17th 2021

Using Visio for 100s or 1000s of IT focused diagrams requires a different approach compared to one off, ad hoc schematics. So, when there are large numbers of projects, networks, racks, floor plans, locations, servers, applications, ITIL service maps (and more) - there are good ways to ensure consistency and support diagram maintenance. Our host [...]

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Free webinar, Visio tips & tricks: Save time creating IT schematics using our Visio Utilities, May 20th 2021

Creating and maintaining IT focused Visio diagrams isn’t simple, but it is made a lot easier using our free AssetGen Visio utilities. This webinar will show you how to use our Visio add-in and data driven methods to reduce manual effort and improve consistency. Our presenter will cover examples of rack layouts, network diagrams, ITIL [...]

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Free webinar, Great Expectations: The reality of DCIM, 29th April 2021

We are delighted to announce that our CEO David Cuthbertson will be presenting at the upcoming BrightTALK summit! In this summit is a variety of industry leaders presenting their latest revelations and findings. In our webinar we will be busting the myths and showing the reality of integrating DCIM solutions. Is a DCIM toolset a [...]

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Part 2: How to capture fibre and copper connectivity of existing infrastructure, 22nd April 2021

Following on from part one of "How to capture fibre and copper connectivity of existing infrastructure" (View Here). Part 2 goes into the detail of capturing copper, fibre and power connectivity of multi-site IT infrastructure. Our Part 1 webinar on 18th February 2021 covered the planning and structure of the audit process, with many requesting [...]

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Free Webinar: How Secure Are IT Systems? March 18th 2021

How can you be confident that systems and data are safe, when the complexity involved can't be easily understood? External and internal threats are risks can't be recognised and protected against when there are communication gaps between IT teams, service providers and outsource partners. If infrastructure documentation isn't trusted, comprehensive and maintained, then expect change [...]

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Free Webinar: How to capture fibre and copper connectivity of existing IT infrastructure, Feb 18th 2021

When connectivity documentation (or lack of) doesn't support project, risk and capacity information needs, then a connectivity audit is needed. David Cuthbertson will cover how Square Mile captures multi-site IT infrastructure data, so physical connectivity can be managed and updated efficiently. It can be expensive and painful to capture copper, fibre and power connectivity - [...]

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Free Webinar: How To Document IT Infrastructure, Jan 21st 2021

Many organisations would like more complete and accurate IT systems documentation, preferably with less effort. There are better ways than creating a multitude of isolated spreadsheets and diagrams that become impossible to maintain. Our webinar will cover techniques to reduce workload and improve consistency for documenting IT infrastructure technologies such as networks, servers, applications, data [...]

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Free Webinar: Using Visio To Document Enterprise VLANs, Dec 18th 2020

Documenting VLANs is a topic we are asked to cover frequently. So we have decided to show you how we recently created VLAN diagrams as part of a customer project for a large scale enterprise. Alongside this case study, our host David Cuthbertson will be demonstrating how to apply the brand new free VLAN Connector tool to new [...]

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Free Webinar: How integrated IT documentation reduces costs and improve control Nov 19th 2020

In our next free webinar, David Cuthbertson will be covering "How integrated IT documentation reduces costs and improve control". Lack of accurate, up to date infrastructure documentation causes extra work and additional costs for any project, operations and risk management team. This webinar focuses on cost and control benefits, showing how process improvements need effective [...]

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